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It is imperative that small businesses as well as large companies face their competition with the knowledge necessary for success.

Background – United Intelligence Corporation

United Intelligence Corporation was started in 2002 by John B Gibson and a small group of professionals seeking a new level of excellence and client involvement. Our goal is to provide professional advisory and consulting services and resources to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their immediate goals and strategic objectives. Our Commitment to the Client is unparalleled.

Currently UIC works with its clients in a wide range of areas including but not limited to:


Today the company has expanded its network to include hundreds of specialized consultants that serve our customers both locally and remotely. The company is firmly based in its processes and philosophy to help our customers by economically developing, directing and implementing business/technology visions and strategies for small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies.

United Intelligence resources have extensive experience in business and technology. It is the responsibility of each UI resource to:

Establish, with the client, the full requirements of the project
Gather the appropriate resources to best serve our clients
Keep all projects within budget and within schedule
Maintain solid customer relations
Insure the success of every project

To enter the world of United Intelligence we invite you to contact one of our professional resources by using our Contact Form.

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