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It is imperative that small businesses as well as large companies face their competition with the knowledge necessary for success.

Business Planning

The business plan that your business makes today, determines what your business is in the future. Businesse need to make sure that they formulate their business plans properly.

Clear thinking is important to business planning the process of developing a business plan. At United Intelligence, we have the resources to help your organization develop successful business and technology plans. We do this by obtaining the right information and the right resources to help formulate valid plans.

To think clearly, you must be able to filter out the nonessential and un-important information. Using the United intelligence methodology for information classification and prioritization, your organization will be able to make decisions about organizational direction and strategic planning that goes into a good business plan.

Our concept of business planning is comprehensive. We consider:

Vision – What the business owners envision for the company.
Goals – Defining the short term and long term goals for the company.
Products or Services – The company’s products and services.
Capabilities and Resources – The company’s technical, managerial, and financial resources.
Market Research – A complete understanding of the market through extensive research.
Competitive Intelligence – A complete understanding of the competition through primary and secondary research.
Business Processes – Defining and understanding the company’s business processes.
Financial Planning – Understanding the company’s financial requirements required to meet the goals.
Marketing and Sales Strategy
– Defining these key strategies and the processes to implement them.
Business Plan Schedule – Establishing a schedule with milestones, resource allocations, and monitoring.

UIC helps organizations integrate their business plan into their daily business processes.

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Phone (949) 954-0767 or
use our Contact Form for more information.