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It is imperative that small businesses as well as large companies face their competition with the knowledge necessary for success.

Innovation and Expansion Consulting Program

Today’s successful companies integrate innovation and expansion plans into their business processes. Using a formal business process, they focus on:

Successful companies work smarter by using information and knowledge from the web and proprietary information services. By taking this approach they can improve their planning processes and have more accurate and successful results. They learn how to make decisions and predictions about the markets and the direction of their competition on an ongoing basis

In United Intelligence Corporation’s (UIC) Innovation and Expansion Consulting Program™, we make use the latest information retrieval tools to obtain decision-making information about markets, technology, competitors, and government.

With our Innovation and Expansion Consulting Program™ we have expanded our Innovation Planning Consulting Services to include all the services necessary for business expansion, improvement of business processes, and innovation.

In the past executives got together once a year to do “Strategic Planning”. Now, successful companies do their planning as part of a day-to-day business process. The world is changing too fast to plan on a yearly or even a monthly basis.

The Program includes, but is not limited to, the following stages and tasks:

Stage 1 - Discovery

During this stage, UIC consultants assemble detailed information about the following:

This information is obtained by research (primary and secondary) and by meetings with the company executives.

Stage 2 - Information Collection and Ontology

At this stage we research and find information using the advanced surface web search techniques and by using extensive proprietary information resources. Based upon our assessment and client needs the information/knowledge acquired can include:

Competitive Intelligence (information on competitors)


Market Research






Stage 3 - Deliverables and Meetings with Management

After analyzing and organizing the information and meeting with the client, we work jointly to prioritize and develop plans/processes that meet the company’s capabilities, needs and goals.


The Innovation and Expansion Consulting Program™ deliverables include, but are not limited to, the following:


Client Responsibilities

In order for the Program to be successful the client must commit to the following:



By implementing UIC’s Innovation and Expansion Consulting Program™, your company will:


For more information about UIC's Innovation and Expansion Consulting Program™ contact us at 949 954-0767 or use our Contact Form.

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use our Contact Form for more information.